Wonderla Amusement Park Bengaluru, Kochi, Hyderabad Tickets, Pricing, and Online Booking

Wonderla Amusement Park is a premier entertainment destination with locations in Bengaluru, Kochi, and Hyderabad. Offering a thrilling experience for visitors of all ages, Wonderla is renowned for its exciting rides, attractions, and vibrant atmosphere. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or seeking a fun-filled family outing, Wonderla has something for everyone.

Event Details:

Event Name Wonderla Amusement Park
Locations Bengaluru, Kochi, Hyderabad
Hyderabad Address Wonderla Amusement Park, Nehru Outer Ring Road Exit No. 13, Raviryal, Telangana 501510
Date Everyday
Time11:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Duration 7 Hours
Age No Age Limit
Type Amusement Park
Genre Entertainment
Contact +91 75938 53107, +91 91000 63636, +91 99455 00011

Wonderla Amusement Park Bengaluru Tickets Prices

Adult ₹1185.60 per ticket
Child ₹948.30 per ticket
Senior Citizen ₹889.20 per ticket
Fast Track Adult ₹1896.96 per ticket
Fast Track Child ₹1517.28 per ticket
Adult (Student ID Offer) ₹948.48 per ticket

Wonderla Amusement Park Kochi Tickets Prices

Adult ₹1143.22 per ticket
Child ₹914.40 per ticket
Senior Citizen ₹857.42 per ticket
Fast Track Adult ₹1829.15 per ticket
Fast Track Child ₹1463.04 per ticket
Adult (Student ID Offer) ₹914.58 per ticket

Wonderla Amusement Park Hyderabad Tickets Prices

Student ID + Food Package ₹762.67 per ticket + ₹199 for a meal
Adult ₹1143.22 per ticket
Child ₹914.40 per ticket
Senior Citizen ₹857.42 per ticket
Fast Track Adult ₹1829.15 per ticket
Fast Track Child ₹1463.04 per ticket
Adult (Student ID Offer) ₹914.58 per ticket

Online Ticket Purchase

Wonderla Amusement Park Bengaluru, Kochi, Hyderabad by purchasing your tickets online.

How to purchase Ticket online steps

  • Visit Wonderla Website: Go to the official Wonderla website: www.wonderla.com.
  • Find Tickets Section: Look for the “Tickets” section on the website’s main menu.
  • Select Your Location: Choose the Wonderla location you want to visit: Bengaluru, Kochi, or Hyderabad.
  • Pick Your Ticket Type: Select the type of ticket based on your age: Adult, Child, Senior Citizen, etc.
  • Add Extras (Optional): If you want extras like Fast Track or special offers, add them to your order.
  • Go to Payment: Proceed to the payment section.
  • Fill in Details: Provide personal information for each ticket holder (names, contact details).
  • Review and Confirm: Double-check your order details and confirm everything is correct.
  • Make Payment: Enter your payment details securely to complete the purchase.
  • Receive E-Ticket: After successful payment, you’ll get an e-ticket sent to your email.

Kids Rides at Wonderla Amusement Park

  • Magic Mushroom: Ride on cute ants and bees around the magic mushroom of the jungle!
  • Mini Venice: Recreating the wonderful gondola rides of Venice!
  • Mini Pirate Ship: The mini version of the pirate ship, the boat swings forwards and backwards to kids’ absolute joy!
  • Merry Ghost: A brilliantly coloured merry-go-round ride!
  • Kiddies Wheel: The giant wheel for kiddies. Vibrant, safe and totally cool!
  • Mini Express: Go choo-choo around the merry circuit!
  • Jumping Frog: Leap up and down gently, as if riding on a real froggy!
  • Flying Jumbo: The merry-go-round where you’re seated atop a cute elephant!
  • Funky Monkey ride: Freefalling from a small height, kids love the funny gut feeling of riding Funky Monkey!
  • children on a Carousel: A classic in every kid’s park, go galloping round and round on horseback
  • Mini Convoy ride: Pick your favourite among bikes, cars, trains and even dragons and ride ’em!
  • Mini Coco Cups: Spin around while seated on a magically enlarged cup and saucer!

Water Rides at Wonderla Amusement Park

  • Drop Loop: Zooming down on a vertical slide and then into a loop!
  • Jungle Lagoon: The fun comes in thick, fast and unpredicatable like in the wilderness
  • Lazy River: Keep it floaty and meander through the lazy waters
  • Boomerang: Shoot straight out of a narrow tube into the dazzling openness of a boomerang-shaped water slide!
  • Harakiri: Slide down, take a breather, then down again at a blistering pace!!
  • Fun Racers: A water slide that goes slow enough to help you enjoy to the max!
  • Uphill Racers: Race your friends to the finish on bumpy and exhilarating water slides!
  • Banded Kraits: Navigate curves and loops as you slide on a rubber raft!
  • Twisters: Slop, loop and curve through this snaky water slide!
  • Rain Disco: Show off your freaky moves on this wet and wild dance floor!
  • Wave Pools: Wavy waters with no risks, yet all the fun!
  • Play Pool: You can’t escape the sprayers and sprinklers that douse you from everywhere!
  • Wavy and Vertical Fall: Glide down a narrow slide from the height of a six-storey building!
  • Korneto: Go shooting out a tube into a loopy slide and let there be splash down!

Land Rides at Wonderla Amusement Park

  • Sky Tilt (NEW): view of a glass barricade with metal flooring Soar to the skies and soak in the breathtaking view!
  • Wave Rider: Off we go pivoting at 360°
  • Adventures of Chikku: A 3D film that’s just too realistic!
  • Cine Magic: Go for a virtual ride without moving from your spot!
  • Pirate Ship: Feel weightless as you hurtle to and fro on a flying boat!
  • Net Walk: Find your way out through a nylon net maze!
  • Wonder Splash: Get drenched, there’s water splashing in all directions!
  • Sky Wheel: Graze the edge of the skies!
  • Toon Tango ride: Wonder cars that groove to the upbeat music!
  • Termite Coaster and Train ride: Swiflty manoeuvre the sharp turns in insect country!
  • Dungeon Ride: It’s scary fun in the dark!
  • Crazy Cars: Crashing your rides into each other is encouraged only here!!
  • Crazy Wagon ride: Go round and round in all circles!

Mega Thrillers at Wonderla Amusement Park

  • Recoil: India’s first-ever reverse-looping roller coaster for an adrenaline overdrive!
  • Flash Tower: Move up and down at a breakneck pace in the blink of an eye!
  • Equinox: Swinging and propelling you across the dimensions, while rotating to top it all off!
  • Insanity: Rotating, revolving, twisting and flipping. It does it all!
  • Hurricane: Ride the whirlwind on this beast!
  • Y-Scream: Swing round and round at 20 metres above the ground!
  • Techno Jump: Get ready for a bumpy ride that goes up and down while simultaneously rotating!
  • Maverick: It turns, twists, tilts, swivels and turns you upside down!
  • Drop Zone: Freefall from 17 metres with all the force that gravity can muster!
  • Wonderla Bamba: Accelerating and decelerating without warning, this 18-seater rotates in whichever direction it likes!
  • Tarantula (New): On Tarantula, you will go spinning and swirling at the ends of robotic arms giving you the feeling of being caught in a clasp of Tarantula.


Wonderla Amusement Park in Hyderabad is conveniently located at Nehru Outer Ring Road Exit No. 13, Raviryal, Telangana 501510.


Q1: Where is Wonderla Amusement Park located in Hyderabad?

A1: Wonderla Amusement Park in Hyderabad is situated at Nehru Outer Ring Road Exit No. 13, Raviryal, Telangana 501510.

Q2: What are the operating hours of Wonderla Amusement Park?

A2: Wonderla is open every day from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM, providing a seven-hour window of non-stop fun and excitement.

Q3: Is there an age limit to enter Wonderla?

A3: No, there is no age limit. Wonderla caters to visitors of all ages, ensuring a delightful experience for everyone.

Q4: Are there special offers for students at Wonderla Kochi?

A4: Yes, Wonderla Kochi offers a discounted rate for students with a valid ID. The ticket price is ₹914.58 for students.

Q5: What is included in the Student ID + Food Package for Wonderla Hyderabad?

A5: The Student ID + Food Package in Wonderla Hyderabad is priced at ₹762.67 per ticket, including a meal costing ₹199.

Q6: Can I find Fast Track options for ticket purchases at Wonderla Hyderabad?

A6: Yes, Wonderla Hyderabad offers Fast Track options for both adults and children, providing a quicker access experience at ₹1829.15 and ₹1463.04 per ticket, respectively.

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