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The long-awaited RoRo Ropax Ferry service connecting Bhavnagar (Ghogha) to Surat (Hazira) is finally set to commence operations on November 8, 2020. This development comes as great news for road travelers, offering a convenient and efficient alternative to traditional land routes. With a distance of 90 kilometers covered in just 4 to 5 hours, this ferry service promises to revolutionize travel between Saurashtra and Surat.

NameRoRo Ropax Ferry
Hazira to Ghogha90 km
Hazira to Ghogha Time4 to 5 hours
PlacesSomnath, Dwarka, Sarangpur, Bhaguda, Palitana, Gir National Park
Email ID[email protected]
Mobile No.8035216990
Refunds10–15 working days

Ticket Pricing and Booking Information

The RoRo Ropax Ferry offers a range of ticket options to suit various preferences and budgets:

Voyage Express Ticket Price

  • Executive: Rs. 627 per seat
  • Sleeper: Rs. 650 per seat
  • Business: Rs. 700 per seat
  • Room/Cabin: Rs. 5,000 per seat
  • Cambay Lounge: Rs. 1500 per seat

Ticket Price For Vehicles

  • Price per car: Rs. 1300
  • Price per bike: Rs. 200
  • Price per truck: Rs. 3,000 (gross weight: 3 tonnes)
  • Price per bus: Rs. 5,500 (empty bus)
  • Tempo Traveller: Rs. 3000

Ticket Price From Voyage Symphony

  • Executive Class: Rs. 500 per seat
  • Business Class: Rs. 700 per seat
  • Cambay Lounge: Rs. 1400 per seat

RoRo Ropax Ferry From Capacity

Passengers 500
Cars 500
Trucks 30
Small Trucks 7
Bike 300

Ticket Purchase Site

Ropax Ferry Service Purchasing Tickets Online. Visit The Official Ticketing Site:

RO Ro Ropex Ferry Timetable

The Voyage Express

  • Depart From Ghogha: 5:00 AM
  • Depart From Hazira: 9:00 AM

Voyage Symphony

  • Depart From Ghogha: 8:00 AM
  • Depart From Hazira: 4:00 PM

GSRTC Bus Service

Convenient bus services are available from Bhavnagar and Adajan to Ghogha and Hazira terminals, facilitating seamless connectivity for travelers.

  • Bhavnagar Bus Station to Ghogha Terminal: 6:25 AM | 2:45 PM
  • Ghogha Terminal to Bhavnagar Bus Station: 12:30 PM | 9:35 PM
  • Adajan Bus Station to Hazira Terminal: 6:00 AM | 2:00 PM
  • Hazira Terminal to Adajan Bus Station: 2:00 PM | 8:30 PM

RoRo Ropax Ferry Destinations service

The RoRo Ropax Ferry service opens up exciting opportunities for travelers to explore a multitude of destinations along the Bhavnagar to Surat route. Here are some notable places to visit:


Embark on a memorable journey from Ghogha to Somnath, soaking in the scenic beauty along the way. The Ghogha Ropax Ferry Terminal offers picturesque views of the Arabian Sea, making the voyage a truly enchanting experience. From Somnath Temple, located 260 km away, visitors can delve into the rich cultural heritage of the region.


Travelers seeking to visit Dwarka from Surat can now opt for the RoRo Ropax Ferry service via Hazira to Ghogha, providing a convenient and time-saving route to this sacred destination.


Plan your trip to Sarangpur with the RoRo Ferry service, which brings Saurashtra and South Gujarat closer together. With the Ghogha RoRo Terminal located just 98 km away, travelers can now effortlessly book their seats along with their vehicles for a seamless journey.


Discover the architectural marvels of Palitana, home to a stunning array of Jain temples atop Shatrunjaya Hill. Situated 70 km from the Ghogha Ropax Ferry Terminal, Palitana promises a spiritually enriching experience amidst breathtaking surroundings.

Gir National Park

For wildlife enthusiasts, the RoRo Ropax Ferry service offers easy access to Gir National Park, renowned for its majestic lions and diverse flora and fauna. Located 225 km from the Ghogha Terminal, a safari tour through the park promises an unforgettable adventure.

Advantages of the RoRo Ropax Ferry Service

  • Reduction in rail and road traffic congestion
  • Decreased travel time and distance
  • Lower pollution levels and carbon emissions
  • Significant fuel savings and reduced crude imports
  • Collective time-saving for commuters
  • Enhanced travel experience with scenic views and comfortable amenities


What are the departure and arrival timings for the ferry service?

Departure and arrival timings vary based on the specific route and terminal. Detailed schedules can be found on the official website or by contacting the helpdesk at [email protected] or calling 8035216990.

Are there any discounts available for frequent travelers?

At present, there are no specific discounts advertised for frequent travelers. However, the RoRo Ropax Ferry service occasionally offers promotional deals and packages, which can be availed by keeping an eye on their website or subscribing to their newsletter for updates.

Is there onboard catering available during the journey?

Yes, onboard catering services are available to enhance your travel experience. Passengers can enjoy a selection of refreshments and snacks during the journey, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable voyage. More information about onboard amenities can be obtained by contacting the ferry service directly.

What safety measures are in place onboard the RoRo Ropax Ferry service?

The safety and well-being of passengers are of paramount importance. The RoRo Ropax Ferry service adheres to stringent safety protocols and regulations to ensure a secure journey for all travelers. This includes regular maintenance checks, trained staff, and emergency procedures in place for unforeseen situations.

Can I bring pets onboard the ferry?

As policies regarding pets may vary, it is recommended to contact the ferry service directly to inquire about their pet policy. Some restrictions or guidelines may apply to ensure the comfort and safety of all passengers and animals onboard.

What amenities are available onboard for passengers?

The RoRo Ropax Ferry service aims to provide a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience for passengers. Depending on the ticket class, amenities may include spacious seating areas, sleeper cabins, lounge facilities, and onboard entertainment options. Passengers can refer to their ticket type or contact the ferry service for specific amenity details.

How far in advance should I book my tickets for the RoRo Ropax Ferry service?

It is advisable to book tickets for the RoRo Ropax Ferry service as early as possible, especially during peak travel seasons or holidays, to secure your preferred seats and timings. Early booking also ensures a smoother travel experience and minimizes the risk of last-minute availability issues.

Are refunds available in case of cancellations or changes to travel plans?

Refund policies may vary depending on the terms and conditions set by the RoRo Ropax Ferry service. Generally, refunds are processed within 10-15 working days from the date of cancellation. For specific inquiries regarding refunds or changes to travel plans, passengers are encouraged to contact the helpdesk for assistance.

How can I track the status of my booking or stay updated on any changes or announcements?

Passengers can stay informed about their booking status, schedule changes, or any announcements related to the RoRo Ropax Ferry service by regularly checking the official website or subscribing to notifications. Additionally, the ferry service may also provide updates through email or SMS alerts to registered passengers.

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