Asha Woh Phir Nahi Aate Tickets, Pricing, And Online Booking 2024

Asha Bhosle, the iconic playback singer, stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of talent and perseverance. Born in a humble village in Maharashtra, Asha’s journey from those rustic roots to becoming one of India’s finest and most versatile singers is a tale of resilience and passion. In the face of adversity, she, along with her sister Lata Mangeshkar, embarked on a journey that would redefine the landscape of Indian music

Details of the Event

  • Event Name: Asha @90 Woh Phir Nahi Aate
  • Location: Mumbai
  • Date: March 9, 2024
  • Time: 7 PM
  • Age: All age groups
  • Type: Music
  • Languages: Hindi, Marathi
  • Live Performance: Enjoy a unique experience
  • Ticket Price: ₹1499

Ticket Prices

  • Bronze: 1499
  • Silver: 2999
  • Gold: 3999
  • Platinum Left: 5999
  • Platinum Right: 5999
  • Gold: 7999
  • Platinum Left: 7999
  • Platinum Right: 7999
  • Diamond Left: 9999
  • Diamond Right: 9999
  • Diamond Left: 11999
  • Diamond Right: 11999
  • Diamond Left: 14999
  • Diamond Right: 14999
  • VVIP Sofa: 49999

Ticket Purchase

Asha Woh phir nahi aateby purchasing tickets online. Visit the official ticketing site:

How To Purchase Ticket Online Steps

Here’s a simplified, step-by-step guide to purchasing tickets for the “Asha @90: Woh Phir Nahi Aate” event:

  • Go to the Website: Open your web browser and visit
  • Find the Event: Look for the “Asha @90: Woh Phir Nahi Aate” event.
  • Choose Tickets: Select how many tickets you want and any preferred seating options.
  • Add to Cart: Click “Add to Cart” to put your chosen tickets in a virtual shopping cart.
  • Review Details: Check the event date, time, and venue to make sure it suits your plans.
  • Log In or Sign Up: Log in if you have an account or sign up if you don’t.
  • Provide Contact Info: Enter your email and phone number so they can send you updates and tickets.
  • Pick a Payment Method: Choose how you want to pay (credit card, debit card, etc.).
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  • Review and Confirm: Double-check everything before clicking “Confirm” or “Purchase.”
  • Complete Transaction: Once confirmed, the transaction is done.
  • Check Email: Look for a confirmation email with your tickets. Save it for reference.

Early Life and Influences

Asha Bhosle was born into a family deeply rooted in the world of art and culture. Her father, the late Deenanath Mangeshkar, was not only a renowned theatre artist but also a classical singer. Tragedy struck young Asha when her father passed away when she was only nine. Faced with the responsibility of supporting her family, Asha, alongside Lata, discovered her own talents in acting and singing. Little did they know that these early struggles would shape the destiny of one of the most celebrated voices in the history of Indian music.

Asha @90 Woh Phir Nahi Aate

Celebrating the incredible journey of Asha Bhosle, a special event titled “Asha @90 Woh Phir Nahi Aate” is set to take place in Mumbai on March 9, 2024, at 7 PM. This musical extravaganza promises a unique experience for audiences of all age groups, transcending linguistic barriers with performances in Hindi and Marathi.


Pt No: RG1A, G Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East, G Block BKC, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400051


Are there different ticket categories or seating options available?

Check the ticketing platform for any available categories or seating options, as this may vary.

Can I buy tickets at the venue on the day of the event?

It’s recommended to purchase tickets in advance online to secure your spot. Availability at the venue on the event day is subject to ticket availability.

What happens if I lose my ticket or confirmation email?

Contact the ticketing platform’s customer support with your purchase details for assistance.

Is there a helpline or customer support available for inquiries?

Yes, most ticketing platforms have customer support services. Check the website for contact information.

Are food and beverages available at the venue?

Details about food and beverage availability can often be found on the venue’s website or in the event information.

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